Research Interests
  • Comparative (freshwater, marine, terrestrial) animal ecophysiology, adaptation, and evolution
  • Comparative functional anatomy, and behaviour; electron microscopy & electrophysiology ; communication, orientation, and integration
  • Ethnobiology, anthropology, and linguistics

Note: Whenever possible, I favour a multi-disciplinary approach and strongly encourage teamwork and international collaboration

Research Projects in Progress

(independent and collaborative)
Effects of UV and bright light on photoreceptors and vision
Role of UV and other visual signals in intra- and interspecific communication
Anatomical and physiological adaptations in fish and crustaceans to Antarctic and other environmental conditions
Entomophagy: insects as human food; insects in folk medicine
Production and perception of biological light (i.e. bioluminescence)
Abnormalities and regeneration in ectotherms (i.e. fishes, amphibia, and reptiles)
Biological rhythms and pacemakers in cave-, deep-sea-, and other extreme environments